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Why PAINTED VINYL?DO YOU WANT YOUR CAR TO LOOK LIKE THIS? The Racing Stripe Kit was only 14 months old, and look at what happened to the Metallic Vinyl.  THIS WILL HAPPEN TO EVEN THE BEST METALLIC VINYL IN THE SUN.  Calendared Vinyl is rated for Vertical installation only not Horizontal (hood , roof, Trunk).  Even Shelby GT stripes burn and crack after less than two years.  I have personally replaced over a dozen Shelby GT and Shelby-H racing stripes that were less than two years old. What is the solution?   PAINTED VINYL.  It is not vinyl IT IS BASECOAT / CLEARCOAT PAINT bonded to vinyl as one piece.  It is the same type of paint used to paint your car.  PAINTED VINYL can be waxed, sanded, buffed just like paint becauseit is paint! Auto Morphosis offers  PAINTED VINYL as an option on all of our kits.  Choose PAINT for your vehicle and it will have a rich wet look .  It comes in metallic,  and pastel colors it is much glossier than vinyl and weathers better.   It comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.